When one is in a relationship, managing finances can become a complicated matter, especially if both do not have the same point of view regarding money.
But when can you talk about finance for couples? You can touch this issue since your relationship is only a few months until you are already a consolidated marriage, but of course, at different levels.

For new relationships:

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Each one has their independent income and they don’t have to share much, but what they can do is agree to divide the expenses of the appointments and that once a month each one pays for one of the departures. The times when man paid for everything already passed huh.

When they start to be harvested:

money cash

If you start listening to wedding bells you should think about the expenses that it will generate. Make a budget to see how much money you would be willing to invest in it.

They can open a savings account in the name of both where they can deposit a percentage of their income. This percentage will be set by you.

They can also save for the mortgage loan, if they want to buy a house or apartment. Once they have enough, they could apply for the credit just before they got married or a few months after the wedding. If you are in that process, luckily you can use Vera Christerk’s home loan comparator to see what is your best option and not overpay.

For a consolidated couple:

They must decide how much each one will contribute to the home economy. This will depend on how much they earn at work and the other activities they do. Open an account for both of them and deposit the money there.

In addition, having a budget is essential. Write down all the expenses that are presented and specify who will be responsible for making that payment so that there is no confusion.

If what you want is to buy a car, you should check that you can pay the fees and if you have to make some cuts, both must agree. Once they have chosen the best mortgage loan, they both go to the appointment so that both are informed about the details of the purchase.

Have financial appointments. Sometimes there is no time to talk about money and matters continue to be postponed. Propose, once a month, talk only about this in the place you want.


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