What is the difference between financial and popular cash?

When you place your savings or apply for loans, you can go to financial institutions other than banks. Among the best known options available in Mexico are financial and popular savings banks. These last two, although they may seem very similar, have some differences that you should know. In this article we show you the […]

It’s up to the family to decide – baby loan comes

There is tremendous interest in a new state construction that encourages childbirth, baby-sitting support , also known as baby-loan or woman loan. One last word about this is because just like having a child, taking out the loan in question is a joint decision of the couple and a long-term commitment. The purpose of the […]

The Hamon Law And The Creation Of A National Registry Of Credits

The credit register is a file that records the history of all credits that have been applied for by banks. Some of its aspects are similar to those of the DB Bank list, mainly dedicated to banking bans and credit repayment incidents. The Credit Register is basically an instrument for easy verification of the indebtedness […]

5 tips so that finances do not destroy your love relationship

When one is in a relationship, managing finances can become a complicated matter, especially if both do not have the same point of view regarding money. But when can you talk about finance for couples? You can touch this issue since your relationship is only a few months until you are already a consolidated marriage, […]

Not everyone meets the Good Finance’s new loan terms and conditions

The Good Finance wants to bring about a radical change in Hungary by spreading Consumer-friendly Home Loans, so we can say that home lending with this qualified diversified product is ahead. Let’s see what this is all about? We asked independent professionals how this loan is different from other home loans on the market. How […]